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06 Mar, 2018

I used to listen to podcasts every day but when I stopped blogging, this stopped too. I’d forgotten how great they really are! I loved the conversation and all the weird and wonderful things you could learn.

Thankfully my husband, Mike, made me listen to this James Altucher podcast last month. Since then I’ve been avidly listening to the rest of his shows and finding them really motivating. Each one seems to inspire me to write.

find your conversation

I tend to listen to podcasts whilst out walking the dog (hence the massive coat and headphones) or when I’m driving

Two weeks ago it was Sara Blakely (owner of Spanx) who rocked my tiny mind with her ‘I’m an awesome dork’ attitude. It got me to open up and write 8 things that have happened. I’m still cringing from that post but “embarrass yourself and fail often” were key features that stuck out from the Sara interview.

Yesterday, the thing that got me thinking was “what is my conversation?” from this interview with Annie Duke: The Fastest Way to Become an Expert at Anything.

After making a grand (humour me) re-entrance into the world of blogging and declaring I’m back! I’m left wondering but what am I back to do? What is my conversation going to be? In fact, to prove my point I posted this on instagram…

The kids are back to school (see my excitement brought to life in my stories) so everything is back to normal…sort of! Still no heating but we do have water (last night I had to make a cup of tea using melted snow ⛄️ ☕️) and thank god for electricity!! *touches wood* But now what?! I’ve got used to loads of distractions and endless monopoly. I’d like to write but I don’t know what about. I found this brain dump from back in November when I first thought I’d like to blog again but I just don’t know. I guess I’m just scared – I had a great reaction to my first few posts, and I feel like I’ve got nothing else to say. What I really need to do is start! Even when I do have a plan my posts always end up as something else anyway 😂 If there’s anything on this brain dump you’d like to read/hear about, please let me know in the comments below 👇 a little bit of direction would be very helpful right about now!

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Ironically, Annie says the fastest way to learn anything is to admit you don’t know.

So, there you go.


I don’t know what I’m back here for, and I don’t know where my real passions lie or what I have to offer to the world. But, thanks to Annie and Sara I do know what success looks like now…learning what my conversation is!

Previously success was stats, ‘likes’, comments, money… and lots of external validation. I have discovered the hard way that external validation is a shortcut to Les Misérables land.

Find your conversation

So, I’ve created a mini life plan for how I intend to find my conversation:

  1. Trying new things – whether they succeed or fail is by the by, it’s all about learning what rings my bell and strikes a cord with others (in that order!)
  2. Embarrassing myself – hand in hand with trying new things. It’s undoubtedly going to be embarrassing but who cares, right?!
  3. Increasing my learning opportunities – the more things you suck at, the more likely you are to learn from them. And, if you find something that you don’t suck at, learn from that too – what could have made it even better?!

For me, this is in the context of this blog/my online presence but it could be related to anything new that you are trying to work on.

Sifting through the crap

With the kids being off school last week (Snow-mageddon)  I was really excited for Monday to come around – some time to myself to get on with stuff. Of course, by about 11am I was panicking about what ‘stuff’ I should tackle first!

When I used to work for the University, my job wasn’t stressful and I loved when I got to travel. I found train travel especially relaxing. I was already doing something – going from A to B – so therefore, I could look out the window, listen to music, think, etc. I loved it.

I realised this morning that having my family around me is much like train travel. When they are here I am already doing something. I’m entertaining, keeping alive, feeding, cuddling, disciplining, loving, playing, dragging out for fresh air, etc.

I generally feel content and relaxed when they are around…because I’m free to be in the moment and metaphorically stare out the window if I want because I’m already doing something.

When they go back to work and school, I panic!

Poo, I should be doing stuff.

Boring stuff like cleaning the kitchen, working out, sorting through the accumulated piles, putting a wash on…and so on.

The options are limitless and overwhelming so I often finish the day feeling like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing and feeling bored.

My 2018 Hopes

Whilst having my 11am what should I be doing? panic, I found my Hopes For 2018, which I wrote during a quiet moment on holiday before Christmas (I removed myself from the hotel room to sit on my own looking over the pool *signs*).

It was 4 things that at that moment were the most important things in my life.

Here are my 4 hopes for 2018…

1. Freedom… from fear, boredom, shame and all the other things that drove me to drink too much. Over the last 5 months I’m learning why I drank and what I need to be happier. Taking risks, being creative, spending time being a dork is all very important to my mental well being. Without it, I hurt and want to binge drink!

2. A beautiful home… This is a scary one for me. One of the main reasons I stopped blogging was because I didn’t know how to communicate with my online friends that we now live in a bloody massive house. I feel like I don’t deserve it and worry that it will alienate me from my friends.

So, naturally I alienated myself in advance by stopping blogging and I’ve been sabotaging our attempts at having a lovely home since. There is a whole post about this waiting to be written, I’m sure… but for now in coming out to you, I’m hoping to give myself permission to enjoy our home and enjoy sharing the process of doing it up and making it beautiful.

my conversation - Georgian House

3. A baby… I hope we can add an extra Parker to the family and now my coil has been removed, we’re at least a step closer. This is another scary one and I worry if I can cope with all the demands a baby will put on me but… I made through the last one (it was only a 5 year recovery time. Lol!), so I’m ready to do this…

4. Hot Bod… Inside and out. It kind of annoys me that I’m always banging on about my body but I’m not happy with it! I think it’s related to both my self esteem and my happiness levels, so if I can improve those things I can vastly improve my body. My theory is:

hot mind = hot bod

I’m happiest when I’m trying new things, learning, thinking and getting creative. When you’re busy being awesome (even if it’s just a party in your own mind!), it’s a lot easier to get motivated to look after yourself. Everything is linked.

my conversation - hot body cycle

Hmmm… I think I may have inadvertently written my conversation right there in my hopes for 2018.

Re-reading those hopes suddenly brought clarity to the overwhelm – if you want to know what to do with yourself, focus on what is most important TO YOU.

It’s the old 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your time on the things that will bring joy, happiness, fulfilment and what makes you happy. You can wash the dishes in the other 20% of your time!

Since I’ve started blogging again (and all the social media trappings that come with it), I’m feeling like my days are more productive, which in turn has a lovely impact on my mental health.

I enjoy the process of writing a blog post and learning how to string my ideas together. Then I stick a wash on.

I enjoy listening to a great podcast and learning new concepts that will help with my blogging thought processes. All while walking the dog.

I even enjoy learning how to use instagram stories (a great example of how long I’ve been out of the game and of embarrassing yourself!) and seeing what others are doing with it. It might even motivate me to clean the kitchen. Don’t want my followers realising thinking I’m a messy bugger!

>> If there is anything from My Hopes that you are particularly interested in hearing more about, please comment below!


Finding peace and our own conversation is about narrowing down the millions of options and FOCUSSING on what is really important.

{If you want a great book to read on this very subject, I’d highly recommend The ONE Thing by Gary Keller}

You know I love bullets so this is how I hope to make it work for me…

  1. Focus on my 4 Hopes – I’m so happy I found my 2018 hopes! It’s reminded me what I most what to work on (80% on this, 20% on everything else).
  2. Happy Routines – I want to spend time creating happy routines that will allow me to focus on my 4 hopes. I find it much easier to feel productive if I have something akin to a checklist. The more you do something, the more it becomes a habit! 
  3. Learning – when I move towards learning and away from external validation, that’s where the real success lies. What can I learn today? should be my moto for life and happiness.

And, I’ll say it again…

Hot mind = hot bod!

Do you find that when you are happy, you are more motivated to exercise and the more you exercise the happier you feel? Or is it just me?!

I’d love to hear about your hopes for 2018!

And, what habits and routines do you have in your day that make you happier?

Please comment below 👇 or come and have a chat on the Mums’ Days facebook page.


In my experience anyway...

28 Feb, 2018

A week ago today I had a Laparoscopy, so I thought I’d share how it went and what’s been happening since…

For those of you who don’t know, the reason I needed a laparoscopy in the first place was because my mirena coil had ‘gone for a wander’. When it was put in,  the wall of my womb was slightly ruptured and that was enough for the coil to slowly, but surely, worm its way out of my womb and wander around my pelvic cavity. It was discovered during an Xray (read more about the ‘finding the coil saga’ here).

Laparoscopy to remove merina coil

To get the blighter out, I needed a laparoscopy, which is keyhole surgery where they enter via the belly button and stick a camera down there. They then fill you with gas so they can see properly and make one or two small incisions to the side of the belly button in order to remove said coil. I only needed one incision and it looks like this…

Laparoscopy to remove merina coil

You can’t even see the bellybutton cut!

On the day of the laparoscopy

So here’s how the day went down.

Last Wednesday morning Mike drove me past not one but two hospitals back to where I had my son 5 and half years ago. Clearly when it comes to my nether-regions, that place has first dibs.

And, glad I was too as they really looked after me. Where else would the last words before you black out be “Don’t write in your blog that we told you to take heroine”?

Seriously though, I may joke about my experience but the nurses, my consultant, the anaesthetists were all the bomb.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am and I was escorted straight to my dorm room (me and 5 others all looking apprehensive), where Mike and I stared at each other for 3 hours. I was second on the list.

The consultant came to see me to make sure I knew what I was letting myself in for and we had this conversation…

“What about Birth Control?” he asked

“Well, not a coil,” I joked. So funny.

“Are you sure? I can put one back in while I’m there and make sure it doesn’t rupture the womb,” he said, deadpan.

“Erm, no thanks.” I said

“What are you going to do then?” he probed.

Cripes! “Well, we were going to try for another baby.”

“Oooooh, well in that case” and I paraphrase here but this is what he meant…”You can have at it pretty much as soon as the anaesthesia wears off.” Said with all the enthusiasm of someone who doesn’t have lady parts.

Mike said he thought it would be inappropriate to do it here in the ward and my consultant assured him he’d seen worse in the post-natal clinic.

Who are these people?!?

Anyhoo, I learnt a few things I didn’t know before…

  1. You have to wear compression stockings. I know. I’ve been under a rock.
  2. You can wear your pants but there ain’t much point because they’re going to take them off anyway.

I was happy as a lamb in springtime that I’d actually done a bit of ‘maintenance’ the day before. That room was FULL of people. And, you know, it’s important that people you will never see again know that you’re well groomed down there. Just kidding. But I felt better knowing I was putting my best foof forward, as it were.

I also opted for not wearing pants as I didn’t like the idea of being undressed on an operating table. Call me crazy.

The Laparoscopy Operation

I got wheeled out of my area, like a big baby in a pram (loved it), around 10:30am and met the two highlights of my hospital trip – the anaesthetists.

They were a hilarious double act who I wished I’d recorded because my memories are so foggy now. I have memory clippets of us laughing about my 2-street town, no idea why, and me taking the kids to school in a helicopter. Huh? And, as I was drifting off they started talking about heroine (hence one of the last things I remember).

The absolute last thing I remember is them saying “you can start counting backwards,” and I asked, or thought, from what number and then I was out.

I didn’t like the feeling of the anaesthetics going in. It felt like the blood in my hand was being pushed the wrong way for a second or two. And, when they put the oxygen mask over my face, until they said it was oxygen I thought they were gassing me!

I felt totally hammered (something I haven’t felt for a while!) but through all that they kept me entertained and my mind off what was going on, and stroked my hand. Awww!

But seriously, that was genuinely comforting.

Recovery from a Laparoscopy

When I came round I still had a mask on my face. It was uncomfortable so I took it off and went back to sleep. A nurse promptly came over and put the mask back on. Then my consultant came to see me. He was like a vision in a dream – did I really see him?

“All very straightforward and the coil is now out.”

“Do I have a nice souvenir?”

“No, it’s in the bin.”

WTF? Incredulous, I drifted back to sleep.

Laparoscopy to remove merina coil

That’s my coil in a happy bin

As if I didn’t get to keep my coil!?? I should have bloody asked. He may well have let me keep it or at least photo it. We’ve been together for 5 and half years, man. And, that thing was a rebel! It deserved some kind of goodbye.

I digress.

So, I came round in the recovery room at 12noon, an hour and 15 mins after I went to sleep, where my blood pressure was constantly being taken. I hate having my blood pressure taken! But it was a bit low.

It wasn’t moving much so they decided tea and toast might do the trick. Off back to my cubicle I went where I forced down some naff white toast and jam. Still my blood pressure remained low.

“How are you feeling?” “Are you dizzy?”

I didn’t feel normal but I felt OK. The only discomfort I had was in my shoulder! I’d been warned this could happen because while they try to get all the gas back out, some can get stuck. 

It wasn’t until after I was sent off to loo that my BP went back up.

All good to go!


On the way home we stopped off for a McFlurry and a chocolate milkshake (I had stomach ache for the rest of the day). And then it was home to rest on the sofa.

I thought I’d be really groggy and tired but I wasn’t. I felt tired but alert.

I put on the last of a series I’d been watching, called “Flesh and Bones”.

I hadn’t totally enjoyed the series up this point. My friend recommended it saying, “it’s a bit raunchy”. Perfect prerequisite for entertainment, if you ask me. But it’s also quite dark so I found it a bit distressing! Whenever I see my mate she’s like, “haven’t you finished it yet?!”

A bit of an odd postoperative choice but I think, actually, it chose me (I tried to watch The Office but it wouldn’t work). This episode was all about the main protagonist’s rebirth and 50% of this final show was ballet dancing.

I felt mesmerised by it and emotional thinking of my own rebirth – I was most certainly still delirious!

I was finally free of a foreign object that was stopping me from moving on with my life, from having the baby I feel is missing from our little family.

I also felt terrified at the prospect. Not only could it take a very long time to get pregnant, it also might never happen for us. But either way, I could see a little babe padding down the hallway towards me. Then Mike did pad down the hallway.

“Are you nearly crying?” He asked as I was watching the ballet.


And he kissed me and went to get the kids.

The days after a laparoscopy

On the day I didn’t feel too much pain and slept pretty well. It was a bit awkward to get up from a lying position but not too bad.

The next day I felt pretty chipper and wrote the majority of this post. Everything felt a lot more tender and swollen so after a little walk in the morning I spent much of the day lying down/milking it but walking around every once in a while.

I had been warned that I might feel a bit low the day after, due to the anaesthesia wearing off, and I did have a few moments of… “this hurts, will I ever be able to exercise/move normally again?” feelings.

But moving around helped and I spent some time in the garden with the dog in the early evening which cheered me up.

Feeling Blue

It was the day after the day after the operation that I started to feel pretty low. I didn’t want to see anyone and spent most of the day in bed feeling sad and not at all tired. I’m a fabulous napper but I just couldn’t seem to drop off.

I did a few things to try and stop a complete mental downward spiral like having a shower and putting on clean pyjamas and taking the dog out in the sun a few times. I also got a few deliveries from friends that cheered me up (read: made me cry because I was an emotional wreck on the edge of reason!) to know that people were thinking of me.

This low feeling stayed for the weekend. I went to my parents’ and ended up watching Philomena. I cried like a baby!!

A few tips to help recover after a laparoscopy

I’ve learnt a few things the hard way that may help, should you go through something similar…

  1. Have a shower and put on clean clothes. Even though I was getting back into bed, it was nice to feel clean again!
  2. Stand in the sun/rain/weather a couple of times throughout the day. It’ll at least help you sleep at night.
  3. RELAX – the world will wait a few more days for your domination. Watch some stupid films and chill the hell out.
  4. You’re going to be an emotional wreck (or not, I’m sure either is fine but this is a heads up in case you are), so go with it. The sun’ll come out tomorrow, or maybe the day after, but it will come out again.
  5. Don’t push away the people who care about you and are taking care of you. They might not be doing things the way you’d do them but they’re still doing them for you.
  6. Ask a friend to call on you a couple of days after – I didn’t want to see anyone afterwards but I think it would have cheered me up massively. My operation was a minor one to remove a foreign body. Others may have needed something more distressing, such as a fallopian tube or ovary, removed. If you think that I felt bad, if I also had to deal with something like an ectopic pregnancy on top of it, I would have felt 100 times worse. 
  7. If you really don’t want to see people, still reply to messages. Be honest about how you’re feeling (I’m finding that easier now I’m feeling better), ironically it’ll start to make you feel happier.

So, that’s where I’m at folks! Am I crazy? Or did you feel similar to this after an operation or laparoscopy?

I’d love any tips on how to cheer up and recover quickly!

My stomach in general feels bloated and a bit uncomfortable (picture me currently sat with jeans unbuttoned, belly hanging out), so while I’d like to get back into exercise, I’m going to hang fire on that marathon for now and just work on walking the dog further than the end of the road!

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over the last 2 years

19 Feb, 2018

I started out to write 10 fun things that have happened but as you’ll discover this is quite a lengthy post so I’ve settled on

8 things (not necessarily fun) that have happened over the last 2 years

…they are as follows:

  1. We moved house
  2. Reuben started school
  3. We got MORE animals
  4. I got fatter, then thinner, then fatter, then thinner, then… you get the picture
  5. I quit drinking and got a bit happier (and fatter, then thinner…)
  6. I decided I wanted to have another baby but found I couldn’t (yet)
  7. I got a bit down and I got scared of the internet
  8. I auditioned to be a housewife and didn’t get the part

Feel free to skip to the bits you’re interested in!

1. We moved! Again.

Some of you may recall that we moved from the coast to the countryside – well, we lived in that house for a year and then my husband got itchy feet. A couple of miles up the road, his dream house was up for sale; a 300 year old house on the hill.

It’s a bit of a draughty do-er up-er but, man, the house is beautiful and the views are spectacular…

It’s taken a year to get planning permission and a further year to find someone to do the work within a reasonable budget buuuut within the next few months we’re hoping for the work to get started.

Fuuuuuuuck! The idea of making the house finally ‘ours’ and ‘just the way we want it’ and, arghhhh, ‘perfect’ scares the crap out of me. What if we pick the wrong fabric for the living room curtains?!

Times that by 100 because that’s how many decisions we need to make and you get the picture.

However, I have a glimmer of hope that when we finally move out of this limboland we’ve been inhabiting for the past 2 years, I’ll spring into action and everything will fall into place.

Isn’t it just the fear of what may go wrong that stops all the best ideas?

2. Reuben started school

When I finished blogging, Reuben was in his last term at pre-school. He’s now halfway through year 1! So much has changed it’s unreal. It seems a long time since we went Castle Hunting. In fact it was half his life ago. Waaaa!

3. We got more animals

Right, I’m probably not the first to want loads of animals, or any if I’m honest. So, the fact we got a labrador puppy in the last few years (who’s now a great hunking dog!) and inherited another cat, is a bit of a surprise to me.

But I do love them and I’d go so far as to say that looking after them has saved me on some of my darker days.

4. I got fatter and thinner and fatter and thinner…

It’s fair to say I’ve struggled with my weight for ages. I lost 20lbs, which I blogged about here.  I kept it off for 6 months, but it slowly (then quickly!) started to creep back on until the point where I had put on all 20 lbs plus another stone!!

I’ve done all the diets over the last few years and had some success with Slimming World. While I loved having LOADS of carbs, it was torturous and I felt deprived all the time. I went back to low-carbing and, despite drinking far too much, got back to a much happier weight for me.

Then I quit drinking and, as is common (on average a person who quits drinking will put on 30lbs*!), I put on a stone by replacing the booze with sugar. I’ve since lost about 10lbs, which ironically puts me back to where I was before I lost the original 20lbs! Oh, how we LOL.

The difference this time is I’m not so bothered. I have clothes I can wear that I feel good in, I’m exercising to improve my mental health rather than to punish myself and I’m back to low-carbing as that’s the diet that makes the most sense to me**. I feel in control and it reduces my mood swings and cravings. Win win.

* From The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, Introduction chapter.

** Books I’d recommend on low-carb lifestyle include: Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes and The Diet Cure by Julia Ross  (they even have scientific evidence to back up their theories), and clinical psychologist, author, youtuber, Jordon B. Peterson promotes this way of eating, particularly to improve anxiety, in this podcast.

5. I quit drinking

As I just mentioned, I have quit drinking. I did a sort of coming out piece on Facebook 2 weeks ago, which really helped. Something about putting yourself out there with the potential for embarrassment and/or criticism felt petrifying and then liberating! The fact no one criticised me also helped. Phew.

But I have to say, while I love not drinking, it certainly hasn’t been the answer to all my “problems”. People say “do you feel better for it?” and the honest answer is sort of!

I thought quitting would relieve my anxiety and help me lose weight. In reality, I felt more anxious and I started to have more panic attacks. I think this was partly because I couldn’t turn to the thing that was numbing my feelings but also I felt I was isolating myself from my friends.

I’ve already talked about the fact I put on a stone…so that didn’t work out so well either!

If you read any book about quitting, they will say that stopping drinking is just the beginning. You also have to square up to the reason you were drinking in the first place.

I think that depends entirely on who you are – My husband, who was an even bigger drinker than me, quit 2 months after I did, and he doesn’t think about it at all. It just is was it is. He has also lost 20lbs, has loads of motivation and energy and is in the best shape of his life. Of course he is!

I, however, am a big, annoying thinker. Which is why housewifery does not suit me (see point 8). Too much time to think and wallow. I need to be with people, or at the very least communicating with them. *Waves* Hello you!

So, did quitting drinking solve all my problems? Not immediately because I felt my anxiety more deeply as there was no off switch and put on a stone! But now I can honestly say I feel happier, more stable and more able to tackle the things I need to do in life in order to make me happy.

6. I decided I wanted another baby.

This has been a biggy for me for ages. I knew there was a little person missing from our family but I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel ready to be pregnant and give birth and look after a newborn again.

The trigger was my sister-in-law getting pregnant. Even before they told us, my other hawk-eyed sister-in-law spotted the signs (she literally misses nothing!) and got me thinking about pregnancy and babies. And I realised I was ready.

Get ready for some TMI.

This was May 2017 so nearly a year ago. I wanted to lose a few pounds (of course, story of my life) then I would get my coil taken out. However…when I went to get my coil out…

it wasn’t there!

An ultrasound and some other dildo-like contraption later, and it still wasn’t there. The assumption: it must have fallen out so start baby making!

My doctor wasn’t happy about it though, so a couple of months later she contacted me and asked me to go for an X-Ray ‘just in case’. I didn’t think we would find anything, the womb is a closed area so where else could the coil be?

I went anyway and imagine my surprise when the radiographer said “I can see it – do you want to come and have a look?”

Yes, I want a bloody look.

And sure enough, somewhere near my tailbone, sideways on, was my effing coil.

To cut a long story short, the coil passed through my womb and is now snugly wrapped in fatty tissues that, bless them, are trying to dissolve this foreign, plastic object.

I have to have key-hole surgery this week to remove said coil, and then maybe we’ll see about that baby…!

7. I got a bit down and I got scared of the internet

You may have picked up from what I’ve written that I’ve been feeling a bit weird, not quite myself and anxious.

I say I got a bit down but really the feeling was more, nothing.

Most of the time everything is normal, I’m laughing and having fun. But other times there is an underlying feeling of nothingness. 

I can’t put my finger on what is wrong per-say but I can’t particularly find joy in anything either. I don’t want to go out – sure I would pick my kids up and engage in lively conversation – but I wouldn’t really be all there. I would be going through the proverbial motions.

I’ve also started to have panic attacks and even had an entire day of sheer panic. The only way to describe it was that I felt in imminent danger. Think: end of the world, apocalypse, what’s the point in going on living or in fact in anything, I’m going to die.

I thought I was going entirely mad and I needed to be sectioned.

The next day it subsided with an underlying feeling of danger but I was able to function. Then the feeling left. Not completely, and I still have moments of immediately thinking the worst, for example, if Reuben doesn’t answer me straight away, but it’s not quite so dark and sinister.

I have barely used social media for 2 years, so coming back to it over the last few weeks has brought back those anxious feelings. Voices in the pit of my stomach (it’s probably my coil!) that tell me I can’t match up or even catch up – it’s changed so much, and do I really have anything of any value to offer?

Maybe not, but I’ve got to try. Which brings me nicely to…

8. I auditioned to be a housewife

When I stopped blogging (failed at blogging is how I saw it) and got scared of the world, I auditioned to be a housewife. I feel like I gave it my best shot, but I’ve just had to send myself a rejection letter.


Dear Hannah,

Lol! You suck at being a housewife!!! 

This is one role that isn’t for you.

And, holding off on doing all the things that truly ring your bell because you ‘need to do the house up’ or you ‘might get pregnant’, ain’t gunna wash.

Please stop being a dick and go do something else.

Kind regards,


p.s. sorry if that sounded harsh, you are good at other stuff and I felt this was the best angle to help you move on…


I know for a fact that many people would kill to be in my position and not have to work. The guilt I feel for being in such a privileged position and not having the decency to enjoy it makes me feel even worse.

But this is my life. My one and only life… The very same life that, if you trust my anxiety, could be over in a flash.

So, I’ve finally realised (thanks to this BRILLIANT interview with Sara Blakely of Spanx fame) that I’ve failed at being a housewife. So what?! It doesn’t mean I don’t love my family or I’m a failure as a mother/wife/woman/human. It just means I tried something that didn’t work.

And trying deserves a high five.

To quote Sara “I’m in the wrong movie” at the moment and it’s time to accept that this isn’t for me, to stop being scared and move on.

To what? Dunno! I’ve a few ideas but when the right idea comes I’ll be ready to pounce…!



In my mind this post was a nice, light-hearted piece about what we’ve been up to. Funny what happens when you actually put finger to keyboard, isn’t it?

I have to remind myself that I started blogging again with the intention to speak the truth. And today this is the truth, which is probably why it’s taken me a week to actually sit down and write it.

Tomorrow I might be laughing at fart jokes (in fact, that’s what I intend to do next for a bit of light relief) but for now, this me.

*Waves again* Hello you! Thank you for reading – that deserves another high five xxx



22 months (or 100 internet years) later...

09 Feb, 2018

I’m back. I think I’m definitely back! I want to write again.

Back in November 2017 I got this same feeling and wrote a post (which I will share below) about not being so scared and all the reasons I should blog. Ironically I was too scared to post it!

But now I have the confidence to get back on the pony (think more beach side donkey than a thorough-bred race-horse – loveable but not so competitive) and write my silly, funny, sad, honest posts again. Whatever I feel compelled to write. But from now on it’s going to be 100% me and no more of this professional blogging stuff…and I’ll write more about why I really stopped blogging in due course.

But for now, I will explain why I’m starting again!

Earlier this week I was corralled by own brain (it had started writing a blog post whenever I went for a dog walk or was doing errands) to write a “coming out post” about my relationship with alcohol. I was then heavily encouraged by my lovely friend Emily (who I met originally through this blog – read her birth story here – and now our sons are besties and in the same school class!) to post this story on Facebook.

I'm back - I quit alcohol

I have felt every wave of emotion this week. From warm fuzzy cuddles via all the lovely comments to utter terror at being so open and vulnerable for all the world to see (oh god, even my postman has ‘liked’ it type feelings). But something about that vulnerability has given me the confidence to get going again.

That, and Emily…

“What’s the next steps then?! Don’t lose your momentum!”

So, Em, this is for you…my thoughts that I should have posted 3 months ago.

I’m Back – November 2017

When I wrote my last post 18 months ago, I didn’t think it would take me this long to decide to blog again. I’ve thought about it a bit but I’ll be honest, it really wasn’t that much. For ages I didn’t think I’d ever feel the urge to write again.

Top 5 parenthood highlights

But last week something changed.

I was lying on the sofa with a cold and feeling pretty miserable. I couldn’t face watching another movie so I decided to do some journalling instead.

This isn’t something I do. For starters I can’t write with a pen anymore! Do you know what I mean? After about 5 minutes my hand cramps up and the words become unintelligible. That’s probably fortunate because I also can’t spell.

Anyway, I sat and wrote some stuff. 3 whole pages of stuff! And, when I came back to reread it, I liked what I read. It brought clarity to my thoughts, the ones that normally swim around my head in a random fashion.

The next day I was poking around on Pinterest and came across an article called “what living a simple life has taught me“. It really made me think about my life, what I spend my time doing and what I’m interested in. So I wrote some more stuff.

I realised I have no hobbies beyond reading diet and self-help books!

I have so much opportunity around me and I just don’t make the most of it.

This naturally brought me to blogging.

I used to love blogging.

Reading things (diet and self-help books, of course) and then sharing my take.

Making little videos.

Trying to take decent photos.

Documenting my projects.

It motivated me to get things done and try new ideas. Even if I sucked at them.

I realised that the only reason I’m not blogging is because I’m scared of what people will think of me.

That’s a pretty dumb thing to be scared of.

All I can be is myself and not everyone can like me. PLUS NO ONE REALLY CARES!!

(While looking for a no-one cares quote I came across this fantastic article, No one Cares, So Do What You Want. Sums up and quashes my fears perfectly!)

So, I did a pros and cons of blogging.

The pros list was a hell of a lot longer.

Cons involved things like having to make some space on my hard drive because my laptop is full. I believe that’s just called laziness?

I have so much to gain from blogging

From motivation, to clarity of thoughts, to connecting with my friends, to accountability.

And, I realised that I’ve missed it.

There’s so much that I’ve forgotten (up until an hour ago I’d forgotten how to even put up a post) but I can relearn along the way.

For now I want to do some writing and to put it in my husband, Mike’s words ‘nothing bad can come from writing’.


Blog break!

30 Apr, 2016

Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

At the moment I am taking a break from writing Mums’ Days but please do explore the 750 articles I have written here over the last 4 (+) years!

I started Mums’ Days when I was pregnant, so you’ll find articles relating to pregnancy, health and fitness, the new born months and much more as I’ve explored my new role as a mother. Hopefully you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

Taking a break

Anyone who blogs (professionally or otherwise) will tell you that blogging is brilliant and exhausting!

I’ve decided to take a break as we’ve recently been through some big changes as a family and I’ve been doing some soul searching to get my head around it all (I did an online course called Life with Intention by my favourite podcaster, Jess Lively! I’d highly recommend it if you can get on it).

I realised that I’ve lost sight of what it is I want to do with my life. What truly gives me meaning, a purpose and makes me happy. I’ve been allowing blogging (namely stats, my tots100 score and likes on Facebook, etc…) to define me and my sense of self worth, and it is a recipe for never feeling good enough.

About a month ago I was completely done with it all. But I’ve had some time off and I’ve started to miss it, so I don’t think this is going to be a forever break anymore.

For the next couple of months I’m going to basically hibernate away from the internet so that I can focus on Reuben (can you believe this is his last term before he starts school? He’s not 4 until August. Sob!!), do some gardening and reading.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can do so on hannah@mumsdays.com.

Thanks for all your support!


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